Our Students

To get help from the Jail Tutoring Program, all an inmate needs to do is ask.

If a deputy or other jail employee believes that an inmate may need our service, but is hesitant to ask, he or she may encourage the inmate to apply.

After receiving an inmate request, jail staff will evaluate the appropriateness of the inmate for one-to-one tutoring. Jail Tutoring Program staff also performs preliminary testing to screen the inmate for literacy tutoring.

Literacy students in jail are just like any other literacy student. They have, first and foremost, displayed a great deal of courage in the decision to improve their life by improving their reading and writing skills.

Our literacy students may be male or female, 18 or 65. They may be from a number of different ethnic backgrounds. They may have had several years of schooling without success, or may have never gone to school.

But one thing is sure – all of our students want to learn to read and write better. And their success in this journey will have a direct impact on their ability to succeed after release from jail.

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