Is Jail Tutoring Effective?

We provide our students with tangible reading and writing skills that can be utilized both in preparing for release, and immediately after release into the community.

Reassessment is performed periodically throughout the tutoring.

Since our program began in 1989, 95% of our students have displayed substantial improvement in their reading and writing ability.

Our program is also part of California Library Literacy Services (CLLS).  As such, we participate in the Roles and Goals reporting process to the California State Library as a means of tracking our students’ progress towards their reading- and writing-related goals. 

Our interest is in helping our learners meet their goals for improving their basic skills, not solely in helping them achieve increased test scores or grade levels. Learner-centered literacy instruction supports adult learners and their families in their major life roles as community members, workers, family members and life-long learners.  





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