The CA State Budget and Library Funding


The California legislature is seriously considering borrowing 8% of library property taxes on 2009/2010. This will force the Library to cut hours, services and programs. This chart demonstrates the significance of the loss of these revenues.

$1.2 Million Loss


 32,597 hours

Library Clerk

 42,826 hours


 56,127 hours











Children’s Programs

 2,400 programs

Teen Programs

2,492 programs

Literacy Training

3,692 programs

 “Libraries are more essential than ever. Reading is still the most basic survival skill in today’s information driven world.”  William Ecenbarger 

How can you help?

 Please support your library by asking the State Legislature to exempt libraries from the Proposition 1A property tax shift.  

Time is of the essence, so phone calls and faxes are preferred; letters are also welcomed.

Thank you for your help!


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  Dolores Marconi wrote @

Reading and writing are basic survival skills before one can even begin to use a computer. As a retired person I now live in a small rural town of about 4,000 persons. The only library is about fifteen miles away. I am trying to get support and funding to buy a small building and get one started. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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