Best Book for Prospective Jail Tutors

I just (re) read Push  by Sapphire, and came away even more profoundly moved than I was when I read it in 1997 (original year of release).

“Push” is the story of Clarice Precious Jones, a spiritually and physically abused sixteen year old who cannot read. But when Precious meets Miz Rain, her determined adult literacy instructor, she finds that her words, and her life, matter.

“Push” is getting new life because of the upcoming movie, Precious, produced by Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry, based on the book.

Why is this a good book for adult literacy tutors who work in jail? Because, as painful as Precious’ life is, it unfortunately closely mirrors many of the stories we hear in jail. I found Miz Rain’s interactions with her class incredibly instructive as we search for ways to use words to bring meaning to the lives of our students.

Push is not for the faint of heart (in fact, my heart hurt after I read it) but it is incredibly inspirational and definitely worth the read!



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